Dyslexia and Me: A Month of Blogging


So I’ve been blogging on Dyslexia and Me for over a month now! It really doesn’t feel that long at all! It has been very exciting so far. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and it has encouraged me to look into a career in learning support (though I am still searching for answers on where and what to do next, but my dissertation is my main priority the next month or so).

In the last month I have signed up to several dyslexia related Facebook groups, began following a whole range of people on Twitter and started up a Tumblr and Facebook page of my own. It’s still early days but I feel very encouraged by the feedback I have had from various people with dyslexia or who work with learning support and specific learning difficulties!

I have learnt a lot in the last month which I would like to explore and push the boundaries on over the next while.

I’ve found that the majority of dyslexia support is for children. It misses out those who are no longer within education. As I wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until I was 25. It upsets me that there are adults who have been diagnosed in later years that aren’t receiving the same kind of support they would have had if they had been diagnosed sooner. I think that is wrong and attitudes need to change to support adults with dyslexia both within education and within the workplace! You don’t reach 18 and are cured of dyslexia, so why is there fewer people kicking up a fuss for adults with dyslexia?

I’ve been told by many people that the education system within schools has changed since I left in 2001. Apparently more people are being picked up within school that have dyslexia, yet I have a number of friends in their late teens and early 20s who have only been diagnosed with dyslexia since starting university. I keep hearing the same story over and over again and I think that really needs to change! I think it’s time the educators were educated on specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and realise that although it may mean that a student has difficulties in some areas (which are the ‘core’ areas of education) they will flourish in others. Children should be encouraged rather than feeling discouraged by being dismissed when issues are raised or by other children bullying.

I’ve also read a few debates in the last month over whether or not dyslexia exists. I have to say, I find it very disheartening in this day and age that people are still unwilling to accept that dyslexia is an issue, even if it doesn’t affect all ‘sufferers’ in the same way. It’s these attitudes that hold back those of us with dyslexia who just need a little bit of support to get by. I’m not asking for millions of pounds of money to get me through university, just a little bit of extra time and the ability to type rather than write by hand. I have (I think) visual dyslexia and I learn far better through audio, which is probably why I love documentaries (seriously, if you see me watching TV through choice it will be something like Time Team or some history program with Neil Oliver or Michael Wood). I am not lazy or stupid, I just struggle to read, write and have issues with my short term memory. I know what I want to say in essays, but brain to paper is painful!

Oh I do like Archaeology!

Oh I do like Archaeology!

These three issues are areas I will hopefully explore a little further in the next few weeks/months. I think it’s very important to continue raising my voice in hope that people hear it and realise that we need to make some sort of change to support not only children but also adults with dyslexia. Hopefully the blog will continue to gain readers and encourage/support other people with both dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome to reach their full potential!

Please remember to check out the tabs at the top of the page. I have linked to a number of friends pages, but I have also tried to link to some pages that support dyslexia, other blogs discussing dyslexia and other awareness pages on various topics.

Finally, here are the top 5 blog posts that you have been reading on the blog for this month. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you continue to interact and leave comments on the page.

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