Dyslexia and Me: The Results

University of Aberdeen Library.

University of Aberdeen Library

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken lately. The end of university didn’t seem to make life any less chaotic. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my flatmate who is going back home now we’re finished. We’ve been visiting loads of different things we wanted to see in Aberdeenshire before we all go our separate ways which has been great fun!!! I’ve also been sorting out my CV and applying for jobs so I can hopefully save enough money to go back to university to study a postgraduate degree. I’ve been looking at where I can move to with my partner during my year out that is suitable and not too expensive so that I can save money rather than spending anything I earn on bills etc. And on top of that I’ve been having to deep clean our current flat which was a total state after 4 of us living there for 2 years without a cleaning rota. I’m almost having to wear my sunglasses inside now it’s so shiny and clean! 

While all that’s been keeping me occupied, I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for the results from my exam and for my dissertation. I’ve been desperate to find out what I’ll be graduating with in a couple of weeks time. It was all meant to be announced yesterday, but I’m still awaiting my exam result. However, I did get the other two results through yesterday morning:

Dissertation: First.
Overall Degree: 2:1.

I am very happy with my results! All the stressing and eye strain were worth it to get a good mark for my dissertation! When I saw the results, I actually had to stop myself from crying. It was so hard at times and the temptation to throw my laptop out the window was so great. All the Viking related courses I’ve studies the last two years I’ve had firsts for and my dissertation was also Viking/Scandinavian, so I think I’ve discovered where my strength lies. I know that’s what I would like to focus my postgraduate learning on too!

I’m now trying to work out what to do next with my life, which is a lot harder than I thought. I need to work out what work to do to save money and what it is I want to do after my postgraduate degree. I think because of the number of knockbacks and hard experiences I have in the workplace before I was diagnosed with dyslexia, I am very anxious about the future. I thought in my last 5 years in education I’d have it sussed out by now, but unfortunately I feel no further forward in my career plan. What will I do next?!  HELP!

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  1. Congrats! Good that you didn’t chuck the laptop! That’s great. Good Luck with the rest of your grades!


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