Some quick updates!

Hello readers from the land of internet,

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. Just thought I would give you all some quick updates on what’s been going on with the blog and me. 

UK Blog Awards 2015

Nominations for the UK Blog Awards 2015 are now live! As a new blogger, I would really love to at least have my blog in the running for the awards this coming year. It would be a fantastic way to raise the profile not only of the blog, but also of dyslexia, the reason why I started blogging in the first place! If you would like to nominate my blog for an award, then you can! You will need to head here: Thank you very much in advance!

New Look Blog

Yup, I decided to revamp the blog! I was getting a little tired with the old layout so I thought I’d go for something that looked a little bit more professional and a little bit more of my own personal input with the banner. If you have any thoughts or anything you think I should change (other than the background colour or font which I can’t change and would clash with my ClaroView anyway) then let me know. I am open to suggestions.


My 8 day charity challenge of writing a new blog everyday and editing it was very interesting. I decided to take all the letters of dyslexia and write a little bit about a word starting with that letter. I managed to raise some awareness of topics that perhaps aren’t as well discussed as the usual reading/writing issues, gave myself a twitching eye from all the editing and raised a massive £1. So thank you to that one person who thought that my challenge was worth £1! It’s helped me to reach £80 which is pretty close to my £100 target.

If you missed the blogs or would like an easy way to access them all again, then you can either head to the menu section or click here:

Quick Fire Questions

I’ve a new section I’ve started where you can either ask a question in that section, via the Facebook page or on Twitter. It’s called Quick Fire Questions where you can ask me anything about my dyslexia or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and I will try my best to give an answer based on my own experiences. I am NOT a dyslexia expert so I won’t be answering questions about how to diagnose dyslexia etc, I will leave that one to the experts! I have already given one answer and you can check out all the questions I’ve answered here:

That’s about it. If you do want to follow me on Facebook or Twitter there are little tabs at the top of the page which will take you to my accounts.


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  1. Hoping I did it correctly, if I did, you are nominated.


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