Blogging 101: Who I am and why I’m here

What's behind the mask???

What’s behind the mask???

This morning, as I was looking through my WordPress Reader, I spotted a post from The Daily Post and realised that I hadn’t taken on any of the Blogging 101 assignments before. Today’s assignment is about introducing yourself, so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to join in! 

My name is Hannah aka Áine Mosh. I’m 30 years old and have recently graduated from university. I have blogged in the past about music but never thought of blogging about my personal experiences until this year. I live and grew up in Scotland and am very passionate about history and heavy metal. That may help to explain my photograph in the top left wearing a Viking style helmet! Blogging has become a very addictive hobby and my way of helping to raise awareness for a topic close to my heart. Below are my answers to the questions posed by The Daily Post.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

I started blogging in February this year to try to raise awareness of dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome. There is so many conflicting views by academics on both areas, I thought it would be a good idea to show a personal side of living with a special educational need (or SEN). I knew that I would be graduating from university in July and I hoped that my blog would inspire other people with dyslexia to follow their dreams. I wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until I was 25, five years ago, but since then I have successfully gained three A’s at Higher level (Scottish qualification) and a 2:1 MA Undergraduate degree. I thought, ‘if I can do this, I should help to inspire others!’ I know how hard it is and know the amount of times I threatened to throw in the towel.

Blogging publicly allows me to share my experiences with other people who may be struggling to come to terms with their own dyslexia or people who want to understand more about the personal side of dyslexia. A personal journal would have had the same therapeutic factors as blogging as I still feel I am coming to terms with dyslexia. Blogging allows me to explore different areas and connect with other people with dyslexia. It’s helped me realise a lot of my ‘quirks’ are in fact related to dyslexia, something I would never have found out in a personal journal!

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

I have blogged about dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome in an education environment but also personal experiences outside of school, college and university. I am actually considering adding a blog in the next week about dyspraxia too. I like discussing dyslexia as a grown up as there are many blogs on dyslexia written by parents who have kids with dyslexia. Being able to add the next stage in life into the mix of blogs available on the topic.

Blogging via WordPress has allowed me to try to raise awareness of topics that many people have heard of but perhaps don’t know just a wide-ranging the difficulties are. I am keen to show the positive sides of dyslexia too rather than it being all doom and gloom! I have purposely written about my graduation and the skills I have in hope to inspire people who think that dyslexia is a negative thing!

My blog, like life, is not always serious

My blog, like life, is not always serious

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

I have connected with a lot of fabulous people in the last few months! Other bloggers with dyslexia or who have children with dyslexia, dyslexia charities and groups and also many other people with neurodiverse blogs, groups or charities. I would love to see more of the same to be honest. I’d also love to connect with more teachers so they can get a better understanding of their dyslexic pupils and anyone else who has an interest in dyslexia and education. One area I would like to explore further is dyslexia in the workplace, so being able to connect with employers, job seekers and agencies would be great!

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

I hope to have highlighted that dyslexia is more than just a reading and writing issue. I would like to see more awareness for adults with dyslexia, as there seems to be a lot of blogs and charity work aimed specifically at children in school, but dyslexia is lifelong and doesn’t stop when you leave high school.

I have over 100 WordPress followers and had more than 5,000 views. In the next year I would love to have doubled that number at the very least. I’m trying my very best to be as interactive with readers on the blog as well as through my Facebook and Twitter pages. I have recently had a number of people tell me that they have nominated my blog for the UK Blog Awards, which is extremely humbling! I would love to at least reach the nominee stages of these prestigious awards!

If you would like to ask me any further questions on why I’m blogging, then this is the perfect opportunity! Leave your comments and questions below and I will respond asap!

Thank you very much for reading my first Blogging 101 assignment and I hope that it has inspired you to follow my blog in future.

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  1. Lovely introduction 🙂 Congratulations on graduating! I’m sure you’ll achieve the numbers you’re aiming for, you’ve got a great open style of writing.


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