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  1. Have to say handwriting is great like calligraphy compared to mine lol. Transitions can be difficult for a lot of people. Transition from primary to secondary school, school to college, college to university and university to work can be all stressful and difficult times especially for dyslexic though. Lots of new systems to learn, organisational things to get used to etc. Great idea to take a little time out to write things down. It can help with stress and anxiety and just help getting thoughts together etc. My own personal terrible habit is buying computer magazines gawd expensive habit. But it means I can sit down do a little reading for a short period of time, read what I want to read and relax. For most dyslexics reading can be a pain in the ass especially if its reading for a course and for retaining information. Reading the same and bit over and over again is time consuming and pretty boring even if you are into what you are reading.


    • Hahaha! I’ve seen non dyslexic people with worse handwriting than mine, but when I write fast it looks a mess!

      I agree, transition is difficult and I seem to have had a lot over my life so far!

      I just knew I wouldn’t have as much time to write blogs with being tired and wanting to spend time with the boyfriend rather than behind the laptop screen.

      Ah I kicked my magazine buying habit, but have a bad book buying habit now 😛


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