Blogging 101: This Week

This week the assignments on Blogging 101 have covered a lot of things I have done or do anyway.

Monday: Make Your “About” Page Irresistible


My About Me page has been edited and edited until I’ve been happy with it. I did change a couple of bits around on Monday, but I had only just changed it from saying I was a ‘student’ to a ‘graduate’ the other month when I graduated! I like reading people’s ‘About’ to find out about who the blogger is, it makes it feel a lot more personal for me. Even when I read business websites I like knowing about who the company are and what it is they do or aspire to.

Tuesday: Start Personalizing

Banner Dyslexia

When I changed the layout of my blog to make it look more professional, I decided to create my own banner. I’m not the most artistic but I wanted it to represent what the blog was about. This included making it pixelated to mimic my vision though the pixels don’t move so it’s only an interpretation rather than an actual representation. It’s also meant that I have a banner for my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Wednesday: Be a Good Neighbour

I have my reader and Bloglovin’ for my account. It means that I like and leave comments when I have a spare moment to read other people’s blogs. I left comments on 4 different blogs on Wednesday to fulfill the assignment, but it is something I try to do (or leave ‘likes’ on posts I like) when ever I have a spare half an hour or so to actually read people’s blogs. I should really have taken note of all the blogs I posted comments on, but my brain this week is fried from starting a new job on Monday.

Thursday: Be Inspired By the Community

One of the blog posts I do remember reading and leaving a response on was Vero in Boston’s postThe Agony of Making Decisions. It really hit a nerve with me as I have moved away from home many times. Moving away from Scotland to England and Ireland both left me feeling very homesick, so I wanted to offer some moral support that it DOES get better.

I didn’t know how I could incorporate this topic into my own blog other than in my round-up today. I also didn’t want to seem cheeky in just leaving a comment because of doing Blogging101 so I am now following and a couple of the other blogs I left comments on. If I’ve felt engaged enough to leave a comment I am more likely to end up following that blog.

Friday: Dress Up Your Sidebar

Again, this is something I’ve only done recently. I now have two sidebars which I have tried to categorize as related to the blog itself on the left and interactive stuff on the right. I have removed one image from the right sidebar in the last couple of days. I signed up to a blogging network which said that they would put the blog up in 1-7 days if you had their logo on your page. I saw other blogs being added in the week since I filled in my details, but after 9 days and my blog still not being listed, I removed their advertising from my page. I was not impressed by that at all! If nothing had been added in those 7 days I’d have assumed the blogger was busy, but I saw a number of new blogs being added. Grumble grumble grumble!


So today I am just rounding up the week and I have a couple of new blogs I am working on. I hope to have another blog up online tomorrow at the latest 🙂

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  1. Love the banner!!! (and the rest, of course, but I really like the banner).


  2. You’ve done a lot in a short time. Nice work.


  3. Great summary of the week’s assignments 🙂 I LOVE the banner. Think it’s fab from an arty point of view (I’d love to know what you used to make it), but also a fascinating insight to how things look to you.


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