Blogging 101: Blogroll

Yeah I am really behind this week. New job is really wearing me out. By the time I get home I am having my evening meal, letting it digest (while watching Game of Thrones) and then falling asleep before 10pm. Exhausted!!!! Here is Monday’s assignment two days late!

I don’t have a blogroll on my blog. I have in the past, but I actually removed it recently. A lot of the blogs I read have nothing to do with the topic I post about. I like to read about music and sport as well as education blogs (especially blogs on dyslexia, autism, ADHD etc). I have thought about reintroducing a blogroll, perhaps just having a few very select blogs, but I just cannot decide whether or not to restrict it to solely other dyslexia related blogs or to throw a bit of my own personality in. I fear all my heavy metal loving blogs might scare readers away.

So readers, if I reintroduced the blogroll to my blog, what types of blogs would you want me to share? Would you like continuity with other education related blogs or would you like my scary heavy metal blogs in there too?

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  1. I considered adding a “links” page but decided against it (at least for now). My biggest fear would be hurting someone’s feelings inadvertently by leaving them off the list.


  2. michaeljferrians

    Do you want the blog to represent your interests and concerns on dyslexia etc exclusively, or do you want it to represent you as a whole person? If the latter, bring on the metal.

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