Dyslexia Awareness Month: Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

Grammar, the one thing that makes me want to scream any time it’s mentioned! Why? Well because I was never taught properly at school. The only thing I can ever remember is that a conjunction is a joining word like ‘and’ or ‘because’ since it sounds like to me like junction in a road. Seems a pretty simple one to remember right? It doesn’t matter how many times people tell me that ‘a noun is a naming word‘ or ‘a verb is a doing word‘ or whatever it is, I just cannot grasp it! And don’t get me started on pronouns or proper noun or adverbs!!! I know the order in which words are meant to go because I have grown up speaking, hearing, reading and writing the language, however, when I try to learn a foreign language I have all sorts of problems.

I’ve tried to learn various languages over the years; French, German, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Japanese. It takes me time to remember how to say certain things. As soon as you add grammar on top explaining WHY you say things in a certain way, I am LOST. Even the idea of words as masculine, feminine, plural, neutral makes my head explode! Perhaps if I had a better grounding in English grammar that had been taught to me from a young age I could grasp it, but it goes completely over my head. It’s such a horrible feeling sat in a classroom where everyone else understands what the teacher or lecturer is explaining, but to me it’s like learning two new languages rather than one! It’s a horrible sinking feeling of being that stupid kid all over again. I just want to throw my hands in the air and scream ‘KILL ME NOW!!!’!

I know the differences between ‘your and you’re‘ and ‘its and it’s‘ but I do struggle with things like ‘parent’s and parents’‘. ‘Grammar Nazi’s’ annoy me far more than ‘Spelling Nazi’s’. I can understand the frustration of reading something online with txt tlk or masses of spelling errors when there are plenty of programs on computers that highlight spelling errors (and thank goodness there are, or this blog would have some absolute crackers of words that only I could understand!). Grammar on the other hand… Yes, there is the green squiggly lines too, but if you’re not sure WHY the sentence is grammatically incorrect and it comes up saying ‘Fragmented sentence’ what the heck are you meant to do?!

I tend to write as I would speak so that I don’t get myself tied in knots. That’s fine for blogging and for playing around on social media, less so for academic papers and essays for university. I do wish I could grasp grammar, but having tried many times, I just cannot remember what everything means!


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  1. I have a super hard time with grammar, too. It doesn’t help that English breaks all of its own “rules”.

    I haven’t thought to look, but there are probably apps and computer programs out there to help with grammatical issues. I personally lean on my issue of The Writer’s Reference when I have questions, though I usually type as I speak.

    Oddly enough, I actually have a harder time using text speak, since I’m so used to using full words and sentences.


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