The Journal: Part 4

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16th Oct 01

16th Oct 02

16th Oct 03

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  1. I hope that migraine didn’t develop. I get them from the secondary curve in my neck from the scoliosis in my upper back. Miserable experiences.

    On a side note, I like your handwriting.

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    • I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to be sick and was moving very slowly everywhere. It felt like I was a Borrower and that I’d been shrunk. The whole room seemed to move and it was like I was walking through a tunnel. I kept hydrated and had a meal to see if it was hunger/thirst. It’s still playing up today but not so badly.

      I am going to have to look up scoliosis! Not something I am familiar with.

      Haha thank you. I’m so much of a perfectionist that I find it too scribbly but at least it’s somewhat legible 😛


      • Yikes! I understand the feeling. Blech. Glad it’s not quite as bad today, though.

        Scoliosis is basically just and abnormal sidewise curve of the spine, sometimes with a twist, too. It’s one of the causes of a hunched back.

        Mine is in my upper back, and has caused worsened asthma symptoms when I don’t stretch/exercise regularly. I also get a stabbing sensation sometimes, thanks to a small group of overworked muscles. Because of its location, my neck curves to the left, and my body compensates by constantly tilting my head to the right to keep my eyes level. It’s really a mild curve, but it can put just enough pressure on nerves to trigger migraines.

        I have a mild case that got a little worse with age, but more serious cases can effect organ function and cause chronic pain. I can usually manage mine through a healthier lifestyle and chiropractic care, but other folks need back braces or surgery.


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