Dyspraxia and Me: Is it funny that I cannot swim?

Is it funny that I cannot swim?
And struggle trying to keep trim?
My problems with coordination,
Make any sport a sheer frustration.

Is it funny that I can’t ride a bike?
That my balance skills went out on strike?
So when I climbed a tree or wall,
I was sure that I would always fall.

Is it funny that I hate to dance?
That I will never use it to romance?
I do not move with skill or grace,
I just worry I’ll fall on my face!

Is it funny I have another bruise?
And it’s nothing to do with my new shoes!
When I walk I’m not so stable,
I accidentally bash into the table!

Is it funny when I try to run?
Or when people try to make fun?
For me these things are not that drastic,
It’s just because I am dyspraxic.

I wrote this poem as a reaction to someone laughing at me when I said I am unable to swim. I’ve had many lessons over the years and I have never managed to master it. Apparently it was very funny that an adult was unable to swim. I wasn’t laughing. It’s something that has bothered me for years. I can’t ride a bike either. I used to fall off even with stabilisers on my bike.

However, one thing that requires coordination that I CAN do is playing a musical instrument. In fact, when I am presented with a new musical instrument I can usually play a song on it within half an hour. I bet there aren’t many people who can do that!!!

Find out more about dyspraxia on the Dyspraxia Foundation website!

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  1. I love this poem! I can identify with every line apart from the dancing. I’m a great dancer but only free style in clubs – if I try to learn a routine I’m useless. Not being able to swim bothers me to as it’s something that could save my life one day. I’ve instead lerned how to flap about enough to stay affloat until someone else rescues me! I think in a way you are very lucky to have a formal diognoses. After struggling as a child and baffling Dr’s it’s only at the age of 33 my developmental disorder is being taken seriously. When were you diognosed? Any tips on how not to get frustrated when failing with (supposedly) simple tasks and how to stay calm when you have made an arse of yourself in public? I’m not the most patient person, ha!


    • Thank you very much ^_^

      I’ve never been formally diagnosed with dyspraxia, only dyslexia. I was just told at school that’s what it was. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 25, 5 years ago. And no, I get equally as frustrated myself 😛


      • Thanks for your honesty! I just did research and dyspraxia seemed obvious so I run it *but a neurologist who suggested a brain scans, fair enough and then a spinal fluid tap er, hell no! Do people ever say you have a weird but good sense of humour because you are rather blunt, or is that just me :0D *by


  2. Love it ! I am too and I have tried anything and everything – archery, sailing , swimming, running , gymnastics, team games – netball, volley ball , riding (a horse , bike ) GOD dont mention – ice skating or roller skating and I am rubbish (cant do anything !)
    EXCEPT I can fly a kite !


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