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Dyslexia Awareness Month: Charity Switch

After backing Dyslexia Action for the last quarter, I am now switching the charity! Thanks to your help, I have managed to reach a whopping £103.98 for Dyslexia Action! £100 could help towards the cost of keeping a local centre open for one day!  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Charity

After three months of raising money for Dyslexia Action through the blog, today is the final day before I switch to my next dyslexia charity. You can sponsor me for as little as £1 to the cause and help make a huge difference to a very deserving charity!

Thank you to all of you who have donated in the last quarter. I am truly humbled how much you’ve all donated and by how charitable my readers are!

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Dyslexia doesn’t exist. Poll results

I set a poll up back in May (which I completely forgot about) so thought I would share the results with you during Dyslexia Awareness Month.

The statement was: “Dyslexia doesn’t exist.”

Strongly Disagree – 20 – 83%

Strongly Agree – 1 – 4%
Agree – 1 – 4%
Disagree – 1 – 4%
Don’t Know – 1 – 4%

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Poll 2

As a student I was always looking for apps or software that made life easier for me. So if you could have an app that helped you out with your dyslexia, what would you want it to do? You can add your own options and vote for more than one option!

UK Blog Awards

UK blog Awards

‘Dyslexia And Me’ has been successfully entered into the Education and Most Innovative categories for the UK Blog Awards! I’m so excited about this! Thanks to everyone who nominated me! You won’t be able to vote until next month, so I will keep you all posted and hope that I can count on your votes 😀

Blogging Vs. Life

I went a bit crazy with posts at the weekend when I had some time off work. Now I’ve started working full-time for the first time in a while, I’ve realised just how little of my own time I have! Get up, shower, dressed, breakfast, lift to work, work, lift home, dinner, eat dinner, unwind, zzzzzzzzzz, get up, shower…. Oh how I miss being a student!

Yesterday I really wasn’t in the right mood or frame of mind for writing a blog. Instead I created a completely new blog. I’m bad for this. I have a few that have become obsolete because I have a great idea and get bored or run out of time and stop. For Dyslexia and Me, that isn’t an option! I want to raise awareness and am determined to keep this going! But on the side now I have Oh! So Snappy! where I am posting up bits of my photos. I am by no means a photographer, but I have so many pictures I like that I have taken that I wanted somewhere to share them. I had thought about bringing it into this blog (I see so many ‘Versatile blogger awards’ but I don’t want to dilute what I am highlighting in this blog).

I will be back with more dyslexia related shenanigans in the next few days, I haven’t forgotten you my wonderful readers, I am just adjusting to being so busy!!!

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

Grammar, the one thing that makes me want to scream any time it’s mentioned! Why? Well because I was never taught properly at school. The only thing I can ever remember is that a conjunction is a joining word like ‘and’ or ‘because’ since it sounds like to me like junction in a road. Seems a pretty simple one to remember right? It doesn’t matter how many times people tell me that ‘a noun is a naming word‘ or ‘a verb is a doing word‘ or whatever it is, I just cannot grasp it! And don’t get me started on pronouns or proper noun or adverbs!!! I know the order in which words are meant to go because I have grown up speaking, hearing, reading and writing the language, however, when I try to learn a foreign language I have all sorts of problems. Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Howl at the Moon

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

One of the things I’ve loved about blogging about dyslexia and my own experiences has been learning about things that I thought were personal quirks. The more I look into dyslexia, scotopic sensitivity and dyspraxia, the more I realise that the things I thought that were unique to me that made my friends looked at me weirdly are actually traits rather than quirks. Well, I guess they are still my own quirks as not all the things that apply to me apply to all dyslexics or dyspraxics.

I really want to share my experiences via the blog, all the good stuff, the bad stuff and the madness in between for people to read and go ‘HEY! I do that too!’ and realise, it’s not really that mad at all 🙂

Dyslexia Awareness Month: Poll Number One

I’m interesting in finding out a few bits and pieces which I will post on the last day of Dyslexia Awareness Month, so here is the first poll related to vision:

Dyslexia Awareness Month: My Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts

I took a break from blogging yesterday so as not to overload the blog. So today I am back with a few more. I’m going to start with sharing my current top my most read blog posts since I started writing in February 2014.  Read the rest of this entry

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