Dyslexia and M(igrain)e

Hey folks,

Sorry I haven’t posted properly in a week. It’s been so crazy the last week or so I just haven’t had a chance to catch my breath. As I only get two days off split up in a week, I have to make sure I do all the household chores and spend time with my better half once in a while.

Last weekend I wasn’t feeling so great. I had a migraine at work on the Friday which carried over into the weekend. This is the third migraine I’ve had at work now. It’s due to the fluorescent lighting, the white walls and the highly patterned tiled ceiling. Those things combined with being sat in front of a computer screen all day triggers migraines for me. 

I don’t recall having migraines in any other job, though I did get them fairly frequently at university, pretty much for the same reason of the lighting and decor of rooms. I have little strategies to help out and avoid them kicking in. These include:

  • Wearing my cap in work
  • Taking painkillers in my to work
  • Carrying my sunglasses everywhere
  • Changing the colour of my screen
  • Sitting near a window a) for the natural light, b) to look at things in the distance to change the muscles being used in my eyes
  • Staying hydrated
  • Making sure I get enough sleep at night

I had been to the optician to try to get something to help out too after the pain I had with my eyes during my dissertation earlier in the year. Unfortunately, my new glasses really haven’t made any difference in reducing my migraines in these types of situations or help when I’m reading. I am a bit disappointed to say the least.

I am still not convinced by Irlen glasses either, so I am currently looking into something else to see if that will help any. Until then though, I’m relying on my strategies.

Sadly, my place of work don’t seem very sympathetic. I had one day that I stayed until the end of my shift despite feeling nauseous and my perception going completely out of kilter bang in the middle of a shift. I had one of my days off the next day which I spent recovering rather than doing things I needed to do. I had another mild migraine that I took painkillers, drank plenty of water, put my head on the desk for a couple of minutes, made my screen a little darker and put on my sunglasses. That helped to reduce the problem and I was fine the next day. But last weekend…

I did all my usual things, felt very sick but went on my lunch break like I had when the last migraine mid shift had kicked in. I got home at night feeling a bit off, went to bed and was promptly sick in the middle of the night and was up until 6am. I had to take the day off as I was really not well. Instead of being sympathetic, I was made to feel that it was all my fault that I’d had to take the day off! I was NOT impressed by this at all and told my manager when I saw her.

I am left wondering if I had a physical disability if I’d have been spoken to in a similar way if I had to take a day off because there had been something at work that had triggered my disability to have a negative side effect. I really wish there was more understanding of dyslexia in the workplace and that they could see the positive sides of how hard I work as a testimony to my work ethics rather than making me feel like a piece of crap for taking a day off because their office triggers my migraines.

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