Dyslexia and Me: Reading Challenge

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start reading more. I guess for me I’ve always found reading to be a pretty miserable experience from my memories of school, college and university (to a lesser extent) with deadlines on reading a specific book or paper. Now that I am no longer in education (for the moment anyway) I’ve decided that it’s about time I tried to read more for myself.

Armed with my new iPad that I bought after leaving university as a ‘well done’ to myself, I have downloaded a number of free books on the iBooks and Kindle apps. Some classics I’ve been wanting to read for a while and some books that just seemed interesting or that appealed to me. 

I signed up to Goodreads last year and I failed miserably with my challenge, but I have set myself a target of 15 books to read over the year. Now, to some people, this may sound like a low number, but for me that really is a challenge! You can follow my progress on my account https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/31261091-ine

I have read a fantastic book by Robin Hobb, two by Oscar Wilde and Machiavelli‘s The Prince. I found The Prince really tough going. It felt like reading an academic paper for a subject I had no passion for, but it’s one I had been told to read several times over the years. Robin Hobb and Oscar Wilde I couldn’t put down!

What I like about reading on iBooks is that I can change the font type, size and the background colour. It also tells you how many pages you’ve got left to read, which for me really helps. It feels like a challenge to get to the end of the chapter rather than feeling like a slog turning page after page hoping for the next break.

I am a bit of a book hoarder. I have a lot from university but also loads of books in my ‘to read’ collection. However, I am now really starting to love using my iPad to read books. Getting to the end of the next chapter and knowing how many pages I am away from my ‘goal’ feels so much less daunting than having a thick book in my hand. I feel far less desire to give up on a book than I did reading from paper pages. I really don’t think I would have continued reading The Prince if I had it as a paperback!

So as we head towards the end of January I am 4/15 books into my Goodreads challenge and now reading H. G. WellsThe War of the Worlds!

I really wish I had a tablet with these types of apps as a youngster. I really do think I would have benefitted from the ‘challenge’ of getting through the next 10 pages of a chapter before going to bed and not feeling the pressure of trying to get through a book I could barely hold in my hands! I really would recommend checking out these apps if you are dyslexic like myself and want to read more. Plus free books that have no limit of time, unlike the library, takes away that feeling of constraint of time!

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  1. Hello U I msyelf still flick between teen fiction and “serious reading , sounds like your seriously reading – my favourites so far : Dodger by Terry Prachett , and at the moment I am reading The Chronicles of Nick bk 2 : invincible by sherrilyn kenyon. She herself is dyslexic and I am particular found of demons and dragons etc so the is a great winner for me but impressed as she is dsylexic ! I would recommend this if your a demons, dragons vampire hunters fan

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  2. I’ve just arrived at your site so apologies if this is redundant but what about audiobooks? My daughter loves to lose herself in an audiobook and will walk around the house with an ipod touch in her pocket. You are obviously very determined and capable and I wish you luck and commend your efforts!

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    • Yeah I have used audiobooks before too and have software that reads to me from my laptop if I have PDF’s or Word documents that are suitable. But I do want to read more than I have done in the past so I can build and strengthen my ability at it. My poor eyes are going to have to deal with my determination haha 🙂


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