A Huge Thanks – #DDChat

Wow! So last night was the first dyslexia chat on the Twitter hashtag #DDChat! I was slightly worried when 8pm came and it all seemed very quiet despite my best attempts at trying to advertise the event on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. These are my usual places for discussing dyslexia related topics and I wasn’t tempted into ‘spamming’ other social media in hope of getting more people involved. 

I have taken part in several Twitter chats before. (One of my favourites is #AXSChat which takes place on a Tuesday evening, 8pm GMT. You can check out what they have discussed here http://axschat.com/schedule-of-events and what’s coming up next! I am curious to find out more about accessibility, especially in regards to assistive technology in the workplace.) It’s a great way to talk to like minded people and make new contacts. I have also helped in the chat for Dyslexia Awareness Week under the hashtag #DAW14. However, I was getting worried when as 8pm approached it seemed all the #DDChat tags being used were all by me!

Fortunately, things did pick up and the two hours flew by! We had fantastic discussions on a variety of topics that were all dyslexia related. A couple of questions came out of it that will be included in the next #DDChat on 26th of February.

I am hoping that this will become a popular monthly discussion with the first hour addressing questions or topics and the second hour to be an open discussion related to the topics discussed or on other dyslexia topics that people want to query or discuss.

My initial worry of nobody taking part was happily not the case. The people who took part all had very valid and interesting points regarding dyslexia. I cannot wait until next month!

So a HUGE thank you to all that took part last night and hopefully I will see you all again in February!

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  1. Glad it worked out well! I’ll be sure to share your post for a Feb date!

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