The Music of my Childhood

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

It’s very hard for me to pick one single piece of music that transports me back to my childhood. Music has always been so key for me that I can hear a number of tracks that instantly transport me back to various stages of my childhood.

I can remember sitting in my mum’s laundry basket in front of our fireplace pretending I was rocking back and forth in a boat along to… 


I remember learning the directions of a compass jumping up and down on the sofa pointing from the west side to the east side, from the north side to the south…

Both of my parents were very big on their music and it really rubbed off on me. I grew up listening to some absolutely fantastic artists that I still listen to now. Genesis, Yes, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Pat Benatar, Runrig, Eric Clapton…

I remember very much wanting to be like one specific artist when I grew up.

Yes, I even tried to call into Saturday morning kid’s TV show Going Live in hope to ask Phil a question (though I have NO idea what it was that I wanted to ask).

There are some cringeworthy moments too. The first poster I had on my wall was of this guy.

I had his album and Kylie’s from around the same time on tape that I would listen to on my bright blue Walkman. Oh dear!!!

When I was about 8 or 9 I bought my first album. Despite my parents great taste, I somehow ended up really loving this band and owning ALL their albums!

I cringe a bit, but I do still find myself listening to 90s Eurodance once in a while and I am a big fan of industrial music which I think comes from my early days of listening to this kind of stuff.

The last of my favourite artists before I hit my teens was this band.

I’ve seen them many times live. In fact, they were the first band I dragged my dad along to see when I was 13! They are probably the band who directed me into my tastes in music now. I still listened to pop music and the charts for a few more years, but in my early teens, with Ash on the cover of Kerrang! my tastes started to drift into far heavier music like what I listen to today.

I also think that because of Ash and Father Ted my desire to move to Ireland became greater. My idol was no longer Phil Collins, but Tim, Mark and Rick. I wanted to play in a band and get up on stage before I was 18 so I could be just like them. I was in two bands before I hit 18 and played on stage, but the dream ended at 17.

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