#blogging4charity – Beginning Again, The Challenge

Aine Mosh

For those who are unfamiliar with my blog, I thought it would be good to start my month of #blogging4charity with a little bit of an introduction to who I am and why I am challenging myself to a blog per day for a month for charity. 

Who Am I?

I am a 30-year-old university graduate from Scotland, UK. 5 years ago I decided to go back into education as I had dropped out of high school and wanted to go back to study something I enjoyed, history. It had become evident that there had been some problems while I had been in school and at college and it was assumed that I had scotopic sensitivity syndrome and dyspraxia at school and dyslexia at college but I was never formally assessed.

At the age of 25 I was finally assessed and diagnosed with dyslexia. With this came a mix of emotions from resentment to relief. Resentment for both my primary and secondary school who dismissed the idea that I was dyslexic, despite my mum trying to question it in both and despite my pleas for help in high school. Relief because I now knew why I had struggled so much with aspects of school, short-term memory, organisation etc and that it wasn’t because I was stupid, lazy or a daydreamer.

Why I Started Blogging

I started blogging in my final semester of my undergraduate degree at university. There were several reasons why I decided to do this. Firstly, was to start writing more as it’s something I enjoy doing but I wanted to keep the momentum going while writing my dissertation. Secondly, one of my friends was writing a blog about her own experiences with Fibromyalgia and IC which I found very inspiring on two levels: 1. being able to discuss the topics in an almost therapeutic way and 2. to connect with others with similar experiences. Finally, and probably the most important reason, was the hope of inspiring other dyslexic people to go back into education if they wanted to. I knew I was going to graduate in July 2014 and I thought sharing my story of late assessment and leaving university with a degree might inspire others who were questioning whether or not to pursue an educational path.

I have now been blogging for over a year and my style has changed as I have been going through. My topics have changed too as I have become more active within the dyslexia community online. I have discussed my experiences in education and the workplace as well as accessibility and personal hygiene.

What I enjoy doing is writing about adult topics regarding dyslexia as there seem to be many blogs already focused on dyslexia in children and within schools. I want to push the boundaries with the blog to discuss topics that aren’t so readily covered in hope to get people discussing and debating. Dyslexia is not something you grow out of when you leave school, you just develop strategies to help yourself. Dyslexia is not just a reading and writing issue and not all people with dyslexia have the exact same areas they find difficult.

What Is #blogging4charity

#blogging4charity was something I started last year and raised over £100 for one dyslexia charity in 3 months. The idea came about when a reader messaged me to say they would love to give me money for my blogs. I thought that if people wanted to give me money I would rather donate that to a dyslexia charity so they can support other people with dyslexia. After only raising a further £15 for my next chosen charity, I decided that this year I would dedicate a full 12 months to one charity in the hope of raising £1000.

Through March I will be posting a blog per day in hope to raise more money for my chosen charity, the British Dyslexia Association. The posts will not all be about dyslexia as I would love to bring in other readers this month to check out my blog and raise awareness to a bigger audience. I am hoping that some of those who read the blog over the next 31 days will be willing to donate £1 through my JustGiving page so I can reach my target by the end of 12 months.

Thank you all very much for reading my blog. Let the fun and games begin!

How To Donate

To donate to #blogging4charity, visit my JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Blog4Char2015. There you can donate from most countries within your own currency.

If you are in the UK you can donate by SMS by texting DAMF51 £1 to 70070. £1 is a guided amount as it is the lowest you can donate in £s. Please note, this is UK ONLY!

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