#blogging4charity – D is for Directions

Last night I got into a conversation with my friend Jamie. We went to university together and he was diagnosed at university as having dyslexia. Our conversation went through the classic signs of dyslexia to questioning our own personal quirks. What interested me the most was what he said to me.

“I have 0 sense of direction. I have gotten lost going from [the shopping centre] to [the main shopping street] (or vice versa) a few times.”

Ah ha! I thought, that’s what my topic for D will be in #blogging4charity! 

I’ve always been good with reading maps. I think because my primary 6-7 teacher (the one mentioned in B is for Bullying) used to make us do some sort of map reading at every given opportunity she had. I’ve been on holiday in Spain and not know where we were staying on the map (we bought the map after leaving and didn’t note the location) and I managed to direct us back.

Map reading and direction is a topic I have seen discussed many times in dyslexia groups and chats. It seems to be another area where dyslexics really struggle or have no problem with. Again this shows just how diverse dyslexia is between each person.

I’ve always loved geography and am a bit nerdy about flags (yes, for those who have watched the Big Bang Theory episode with Sheldon talking about flags, I knew most of them). I’ve always been interested in the world we live in as well as politics. I like to know where in the world something has happened without having to Google it or dig out an atlas!

Where I struggle is with left and right. Jamie told me that he hasn’t got this problem, though I know many dyslexics who do. I have to “feel” what is left and right by moving in the direction with my whole body, or clenching my hands to see which one is which.

I was telling Jamie how I am quite good at drawing maps to give people directions, but if I have no paper available I end up almost dancing, moving my body to work out what direction to go while in my head I can visually see the streets I’m directing along. I know where I’m going through my ability to visualise, something that is often attributed to dyslexia, but unless I “feel” the direction and turn as I explain I can get a little bit confused.

How do you give directions? Do you find maps difficult to read? Is left and right something you have to hesitate and think about?

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