#blogging4charity – E is for Edinburgh

Trying to work out what to write about for E was difficult. I write about education and employment a lot already so I wanted to do something a little bit more personal. I grew up in Edinburgh so I thought I would write a little bit about the things I like about it other than my family. 

Edinburgh Zoo

I have been going to Edinburgh Zoo for as long as I can recall, though it was always a treat because it was an expensive day out with the family. In my teens and early twenties it was the place I wanted to go for my birthday. I think one of my best birthday’s was going to the zoo with my mum and younger sister and eating our lunch at the top of the hill beside the reindeer. I remember my mum commenting that it was one of the best days out we had together.

Going to Edinburgh Zoo you’ve got to be prepared to climb the hills. Like the majority of Edinburgh, it is built on a hill, so it’s worth going early and taking breaks along the way. I do recall speaking to a disabled acquaintance who went as a teenager and the struggle they had with her wheelchair and the hills. There is transport to the top of the hill though which may make it easier for some to go downhill rather than all the way up to the top and back on foot. The view from the top (when it’s a nice day) is spectacular too.

My favourites at the zoo are the pygmy hippos. Hippos and cats are my two favourite animals. The pygmy hippos to me are just the cutest things, especially when they chase each other around their enclosure.

Here are a collection of photos I have taken over the years.

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I am a student of history and Edinburgh has loads of it! Everywhere you look in Edinburgh there is something interesting historically, especially down the Royal Mile between the Castle and Holyrood Palace.

There are loads of museums too. The National Museum on Chamber Street is the biggest and the one most people know about, but other noteworthy museums are The Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh Museum and The People’s Story which are all located on the Royal Mile.

What I love is that you can’t cover the amount of historical places to visit in just one day. I love giving people my own tour of the coolest things from the St John’s Cross on the Royal Mile to Greyfrier’s Kirkyard to ‘Scotland’s Disgrace’, a war memorial that was never completed.

I seem to have misplaced my folder with all my historic photos, but here are three to give a bit of an idea of variation.

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