#blogging4charity – L is for Love

Yeah… I wasn’t going to do this, but when I spoke to my better half about the blog he went ‘L is for Love!’ and I had been thinking the same… I should hand out some free sick buckets right?


Love is a word that does mean several things though. Like, I love chocolate. Probably a bit too much. I went two weeks without chocolate because I was skint. My mum bought me a bar when she was at the shop (I didn’t ask) and it was the best bar of chocolate I’ve ever had! It’s addictive and om nom nom! 

I also love music. I feel weird if I haven’t listened to any music in a day. Then again I usually have songs going around in my head all the time. There are certain bands that I love too, albums I love, songs I love. Some of those songs are about love, usually they’re about lost love though (yeah, I don’t do the happy Friday I’m in Love type songs, or I need a sick bucket).

The band I love the most at the moment is Riverside, a Polish progressive rock/metal band. My favourite song of theirs about love is Conceiving You, though it’s perhaps not really a love song…

It’s one of these songs that has meaning to me that is perhaps more than if you listen to it for the first time.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the UK, but I’m rubbish and haven’t got anything for my mum. I am more of a spontaneous person and I’d rather get something I think my mum would like during the year without the card companies cashing in. I love my mum to bits. She drives me bonkers at times, but she’s such a strong and inspiring lady. I do know what I want to buy her too, but I’ve got to work out how to get it to her…

I don’t just love my mum because she’s my mum. Or because she buys me bars of chocolate. She’s been very supportive to me especially since I was diagnosed with dyslexia. She always knew though. She brought myself and my sister up as a single mum and at the same time worked and did Open University. She’s become one of my best friends though I still wouldn’t cross her if I wasn’t miles away from her grumbling down the phone haha.

And of course, I love my better half. The poor soul has had to put up with my quirks for over two years now. We’ve been living together for about half a year now and we’re getting more to the compromising side of things (ok, I am getting more to the compromising rather than growling). He’s been so supportive of me, and I hope I am the same for him. I do try my hardest to support him with what he wants to do. I feel very lucky to have him in my life because he knows I have my crazy quirks and I know he has his. He’s better at washing dishes than I am too…

And he buys me chocolate. I think this is a thing to get me to love you is to buy me chocolate… We don’t do Valentine’s Day, much the same as my Mother’s Day thing, card companies vs spontaneous. I think the board on the fridge sums us up though. It says ‘There’s a present for you in the fridge, because I love you!’ The present was a can of energy drink I’d bought him as he had two night-shifts in a row at work. Doesn’t have to be a big gesture, I know he loves me when he brings me a cup of tea in the morning after I’ve growled at being woken up.


So the L word can mean many things and it can mean many things to different people. And you all wonder why dyslexic people get confused with words! Here’s a prime example of confusing!

This isn’t my usual style of blogging but it is sometimes my random way of thinking.

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Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

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