Eclipse 20th March 2015


After being cheeky about Dara Ó Briain last night (sorry Dara, I really couldn’t resist), I thought I’d end up sleeping through the eclipse OR it would be cloudy. Fortunately for me, I got up and the skies here were blue! Hooray!

Blue skies over Bonnie Dundee

Blue skies over Bonnie Dundee

Sadly neither my iPad nor my normal camera could take a photo of the eclipse directly. I didn’t look directly at the sun! It was through the screens on the cameras. I am very precious about my eyesight as it is with the scotopic sensitivity/visual stress stuff going on.

I did however make a pinhole camera, two bits of card, one with a pinhole in it to let the light from the sun through onto the second piece of card. I remember making them in school but we used photosensitive paper in a shoebox. I didn’t do that… I took the photos on my iPad instead.

Sat on my kitchen floor

Sat on my kitchen floor

It was kind of difficult trying to take a photo while holding the piece of card and the iPad! I ended up holding the card in my toes hahaha!

When I tried to take another photo, I noticed that there were loads of eclipse shadows on the card. I realised it was where my hand was and the sun was shining through my fingers. So, I thought it would be cool to see what a shadow puppet would look like. I created quite a scary looking monster though!



I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. We had a book that had all the planets in the solar system in it (which did include Pluto at that point). Sadly, I am rubbish at science especially physics (probably because I struggle with maths). I do still love stargazing and really enjoyed when my flatmate from university drove us into the wilderness in Scotland and we saw so many stars in the sky! It was phenomenal!

I had so much fun today! I’ll have to wait another 11 years to see the next one.

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