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#DDChat New

#DDChat has evolved a lot since I first started it in January. I began as a monthly Twitter chat discussing dyslexia. The first hour always consists of topic questions with the second hour open for anything Tweeters want to discuss incase there were any pressing topics they wanted to discuss. After a few months it became clear that a monthly chat was not enough! 

#DDChat then became a weekly chat so that more Tweeters could contribute or join in on our discussions. We’ve had a real range of people taking part over the weeks too and our discussions have made it clear that the chat needed to be opened up even further.

So now #DDChat is a weekly chat where we discuss dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. The chat is not only there as a support network but also works as a way to raise awareness for the four dys’s!

I’ve had a few people ask me how the chat works as they are not overly familiar with Twitter. All the topics are marked as Q1., Q2., Q3., etc and users answer each topic with A1., A2., A3., etc to make it easier for people to keep track of what’s happening. They also add the hashtag #DDChat to their Tweets so that when people search #DDChat they can see what has been discussed.

For me, when I use Twitter I use Tweetdeck to make it easier for me to follow any chats, people I follow or any messages sent to me. I have #DDChat in a column all the time so I can follow the discussion through the week if people want to add any further information or to answer the questions later in the week.

I have been pretty bad in posting the topics up online before hand as I haven’t been sent topics and they’ve been a bit last minute. However, all the topics (usually 6 per week) appear on my Twitter account @DyslexiaAndMe.

So please join us every Thursday. The times are on the graphic at the top of this blog post. I have given a few different international times in hope that you can all work out from there your own time zone.

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