Dyslexia and Me: UK Elections

Tweeting the Leaders

Tweeting the Leaders

I am not expecting a response from any of the party leaders, but I wanted to Tweet to the four parties that are most likely to gain votes in my constituency in the UK General Election next week. 

The UK General Election is taking up a lot of the news at the moment in the UK unsurprisingly. I have been watching the news rather than looking in depth at what each party is saying. I don’t recall reading or hearing anything about supporting people with any sort of disability in the workplace. If they have, I must have completely missed it in the sea of other policies about immigration, immigration and oh, immigration!

I don’t want to get too political on the blog as I know we will all have very different perspectives. I would love to see more people contacting the leaders regarding dyslexia through social media though so that they are aware that the 10% of us who are dyslexic are being heard!

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