Dyslexia and Me: STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Part 1

I found this clip very interesting as we had discussed Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM) on #DDChat the other week. When people discuss dyslexia, they usually mention how creative or entrepreneurial people with dyslexia may be and point to a list of artists, actors and actresses, musicians, filmmakers and business owners. So what about STEM? 

Over the next few days I am going to write a blog about the STEM subjects. Now normally when you mention dyslexia people instantly think of Albert Einstein. However, I am leaving Einstein and others who have been assumed to be dyslexic such as Thomas Edison off the list this time. It’s not that I don’t admire these people, but I don’t feel assumptions are always helpful. Instead I want to look at people within STEM who have ‘come out’ as being dyslexic.

My aim is to inspire young people with dyslexia to consider STEM subjects rather than feeling that they should fall into the stereotypical subjects people link to dyslexia. I believe that people with dyslexia can make a real difference in STEM subjects due to the commonly used phrase of ‘thinking outside the box’ (it’s a phrase I’d love to reinvent as I don’t like it myself).

I also want to discuss how to get young people interested in STEM subjects from the #DDChat discussion we had the other week in hope to inspire some teachers or parents to get their kids more involved! STEM covers such a wide range of different topics that I know I personally find fascinating.

I hope that you will all join me this week in reading and leaving your thoughts on dyslexia and STEM! Let’s move away from the box and show how dyslexia is so much more!

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