#blogging4charity – The Apollo Mission

For my next #blogging4charity challenge, I will need help from all my readers and followers of Dyslexia and Me! Yes, that means you!

I want to raise as much money this year as I can for the British Dyslexia Association by boldly going on my very own Apollo Mission!!! 

…Ok, not THAT kind of Apollo Mission.

THIS Apollo! The Greek God who was the god of poetry.

My plan is to write one piece of poetry a day for a month! I am thinking July would give me enough time to prepare myself for this task! But I need your help!

What I want you to do (other than donating what you can) is to send me 4 words. The 4 words must be rhyming pairs and can be in one of two ways:

Example 1

Cat, hat, chicken, licken.

Example 2

Hat, chicken, cat, licken.

From these 4 words that you submit to me, I have to make these words into a piece of poetry (which will hopefully be better than the ones below):

Example 1

There was a very proud black cat,
Who often wore an eccentric hat.
If you knew him you would call him ‘chicken’,
For his battle wounds he was always licken’.

Example 2

The lady had a feathery hat
Whose feathers came from a chicken
For every time she saw her cat
His lips he was always licken’.

So I will have 31 poems to write for 31 days! I know that there are quite a few people following my blog or on social media, far more than 31. However, I want as many of you to either respond to me through the blog or on social media (wherever you follow my blog from) and send me 4 words! No swear words though or words in foreign languages. The more submissions I get, the longer the poems will have to be.

I need to have as many submissions by 15th of June so I can get started on preparing the poems. I will credit each person that submits the words on the poem and if you are on Twitter or Facebook I will try to let you know which one contains your words.

I would love if each person submitting could donate £1 through my JustGiving page to British Dyslexia Association once the poem has been published on the blog so I can get closer to my £1000 target for 2015!

Thanks very much, and I look forward to seeing what words you submit!

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  1. Oh, fun!!
    Question – does Just Giving accept PayPal? I’d like to know if I need to keep some sort of balance under that account. 🙂

    Let’s see…four words…
    Wild, mild, beads, seeds

    …I’d left this comment on Spectrum Bloggers Network, too, before seeing your instructions. Operating on 0 sleep, so the brain isn’t happy with me today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How about raise, strays, (or gaze graze or praise)
    mope, hope?
    Enjoy your challenge. Will donate.

    Liked by 1 person

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