#DDChat Questions 14th May 2015

After an absence last week (because I was travelling home when it was meant to be on) #DDChat returns to Twitter this evening!

#DDChat New

If you would like to join us then head onto Twitter and look for the hashtag #DDChat!

This week’s questions are listed below. 

Q1. Would you/did you vote on parties’ disability policies?
Q2. How do people relax in they feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed? Is that self-taught or suggested by others?
Q3. Do you have any quick and easy ways to combat workplace panic?
Q4. What’s your best learning style?
Q5. What’s the worst thing that’s been said to you about dyslexia/dyspraxia etc and how did you deal positively with it?
Q6. What’s the best thing that’s been said to you about dyslexia/dyspraxia etc? What did you take from it?

We do have a few rules too that make the chat flow a lot easier.

#DDChat Rules

Hope to see some of you later today!

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  1. Quick question – would it be possible for me to use that first graphic in an entry I’m planning? I’m going to write something up on the similarities between the “dys”s and how much they overlap in diagnosis, which came up in the last DDChat, and I’d like to put in a little plug for the chat in that entry.

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