Dyslexia and Me: The Book Hangover

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I haven’t blogged now in over a month! I have been away on holiday for my birthday, but I planned on writing over this weekend. Sadly that didn’t happen because I’ve been suffering a 3 day hangover now…

…From reading books!!! 

Last year I set up a Goodreads profile to try to encourage myself to read more books. I felt jealous of the conversations my friends at uni were having about literature that they had read. I was very limited in my contributions because I very rarely read for pleasure. I set myself a Goodreads Challenge of 15 books in 2015, which I thought was a large number of books, just over one per month! A lot for someone who only ever read when on holiday.

I smashed my target on the 1st of July and have found myself turning into a book-worm. I’ve always loved stories! I loved having books read to me, watching cartoons, films etc, it was just the strain and pain that went with reading and often time constraints from school, college and uni that had put me off. Now I find myself chomping through books and really enjoy doing so.

I was given money and a book voucher for my birthday last week. I ended up spending most of it in a bookstore. The photo at the top of the blog are just SOME (yes, some) of the books I bought. So excited I was with my new shiny books, I chomped through the last three chapters Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden and on through the first two chapters of The King’s Sister by Anne O’Brien on Saturday (25th of July). Boy have I been paying for it since!

When I went to bed on Saturday night, I had severe eye strain in my right eye causing a headache. It felt as through someone had hit the side of my head with a hammer. Eye strain was something I was very used to at university with the amount of reading and writing I had to do, so I found that staying hydrated, sleeping and painkillers were the three ‘cures’ for my eye strain related headaches. I went to bed on Saturday night assuming that by the time I woke up for work on Sunday morning, my headache would be gone…

…It wasn’t. In fact, it still hasn’t fully gone away.

I haven’t been on my laptop since the headache kicked in. This is why I didn’t write a new blog on Sunday as I had originally planned. I’m sat just now with sunglasses on to cut out some of the brightness of the room around me and I have ClaroView on my laptop. I’ve found that the blue I used through university is no longer helping at all with reading so I’m using a violet colour at the moment, which is only slightly taking the edge off. The flashing colours in my eyes really haven’t calmed down since Saturday evening.

Being on the computer just now, I can feel it’s getting worse again. I haven’t been watching a lot of TV either because it’s my eyes that hurt. I have had to pause my reading of The King’s Sister too. Instead, I have had a look through the books I have on Kindle and iBooks to find something else to read while my eyes recover…

…Yes you read that right! I have been looking for other books to read! I read Stardust by Neil Gaiman, or rather I listened to my iPad reading it to me. Cheating? I think not! I enjoyed listening to it just as much as I would have if I’d use my eyes to read rather than using my ears to read. I heard many people talking about the Stardust film, which I haven’t seen, but I did enjoy the book. Normally I see the films but haven’t read the books, so it was an interesting turn of events! I read it in two days and have now started on Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, a classic that I have not read and only know the Kate Bush song of the same name.

A little bit of visual stress will no longer get in my way of reading books. While my eyes continue to adjust to their normal selves, my iPad will keep me on track with my new found love of books!

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  1. ebooks are awesome when it comes to avoiding eye strain. I still love paper books, but I don’t burn out as quickly when reading on my tablet than a physical book.

    Good for you for taking to that challenge so well!

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