Book Review: Colliery Kids (Ebook Edition)

Colliery Kids

by Arthur Williams
Smashwords Edition, 2012
88 pages
Eye reading, 1-2 hours


They say “never judge a book by its cover” but I would like to add to this, “never judge a book by its title”.

I am a big fan of free ebooks! It means that I can check out authors I’ve never read before and find books I’d never heard of before. Colliery Kids was one such free ebook that I thought sounded interesting from its title and from the books’ description.

“Kevin and Robbie two young boys growing up in a small Northumberland mining village as their Mother struggles to make ends meet.” – Goodreads

Coming from a mining background myself, I thought this short book would be an interesting insight into the life of colliery workers’ children growing up in the 1950s in England. However, I was hugely disappointed by the book which had huge potential. 

In the description of the book, the author, Arthur Williams, says that these stories are loosely based on his childhood experiences. The short stories in each chapter were definitely an interesting insight into the shenanigans these kids got up to, but the writing style itself was hugely disappointing. I felt as though I was reading the school jotter of a child, full of errors both in spelling and grammar. I couldn’t tell if this was an intentional writing style or if these were in fact errors. For example, “thought” was always spelt “though” which I found highly irritating and was peppered through the whole book.

This book had so much potential and I have been left extremely disappointed. If the book had been intentionally using slang and colloquialisms for effect, then the rest of the book needed to be up to scratch with spelling etc. Being dyslexic myself, I always check and double-check when writing blogs or papers, so it seemed as though the writer and editor were lazy in letting so many errors slip through into this ebook. Perhaps I would have been less harsh in my review if the author was 8 years old writing this, but as this is a reflection published in 2012 about the 1950s, I’m pretty sure this was meant to be the writings of a grown up.

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  1. Since Smashwords is a self publishing platform, I tend to approach anything I find on there with caution. I’ve read a few too many disappointing self published books/stories to give the author much leniency in my reviews, either.

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