Me Time

The last few weeks have been very crazy. My hours at work have been upped to full time, I’ve been bridesmaid dress shopping, I was at a gig, my partner got a new job, I’ve been sick and it was my partner’s birthday. It’s been so hectic I have barely had a chance to take a breath! Unfortunately it has meant that my blog has suffered. 

I really have been behind in the latest discussions on dyslexia too. I’ve missed the Scottish Dyslexia Awareness Week for this year and I didn’t have the time to do all I wanted for Dyslexia Awareness Week for the rest of the UK. I do feel bad about this, but I really just haven’t had a break to stop, sit, blog, write letters etc.

I had to take two weeks out of #DDChat, the Twitter chat I host on a Thursday evening, one week because I was on holiday for a gig and the following week because I was ill. I was in bed for four days, sleeping for most of the time. Thinking back now, perhaps it was partly due to exhaustion that contributed to my illness.

My four days in bed did give me some respite to catch up on reading! It’s become a huge part of my downtime in the last year, but I had been slacking on reading too. I had a huge pause halfway through reading Emma by Jane Austen. It took me well over two months to get through it which would normally take me less than one month now that I’ve become a bookworm. Since finishing it on 31st October I have read a number of ebooks and have some paperbacks going at the same time including:

  • The Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde
  • Turned – Morgan Rice
  • The Devil’s Grin – Annelie Wendeberg
  • The Wrong Girl – C. J. Archer
  • Evensong – Krista Walsh

All the listed books were ebooks that my iPad helped me to read, but I have another two paperback books I am switching between at the same time.

I’ve realised in the last few weeks that I really need to look into organising my life a little bit better. I really need to arrange more ‘Me Time’ into my week. I really struggle with organisation skills like this within my own life. Sometimes I wish I had someone who could sit down and help me to arrange myself.

With the lack of ‘Me Time’ and the lack of organisation, I have found myself feeling pretty low. I’ve felt a little bit lost with where my life is going, what I want to do, where I want to go. I’ve never found careers advisers helpful, they always want to push me in a direction I am not interested in. I’ve spoken to them in school, after education and at university and not a single one of them was helpful! Sad but true.

I think I need to look at setting myself some goals to achieve that are attainable, like my Goodreads goal of reading 15 books over 2015. The problem is, I can’t work out which things I need to prioritise at the moment to get myself out of a rut.

So for now I will continue plodding on until I get some sort of inspiration that will make that positive change in my life. I really just wish I had someone to help me get to the right solution and get myself back on track again.

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  1. I remember feeling sorta lost like this a while back. I decided it was too much for my brain to keep track of and organise as well as just functioning on a daily basis. I bought a giant pad and did a big spider chart of my life with me in the middle and headings like ‘relationship’ ‘work/career’ ‘me time’ and ‘goals’ then I listed everything I could think under the headings and drew lines connecting things that overlapped. It looked crazy when I’d finished but I understood it! It gave me some kind of starting point to organising my shit and freed up some room in my head as well I think 😉

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