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#blogging4charity – D is for Directions

Last night I got into a conversation with my friend Jamie. We went to university together and he was diagnosed at university as having dyslexia. Our conversation went through the classic signs of dyslexia to questioning our own personal quirks. What interested me the most was what he said to me.

“I have 0 sense of direction. I have gotten lost going from [the shopping centre] to [the main shopping street] (or vice versa) a few times.”

Ah ha! I thought, that’s what my topic for D will be in #blogging4charity!  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: Dyslexia Diagnosis on the NHS?


This is a question I have seen brought up on social networks in the last few weeks. Should the NHS in the UK play a part in diagnosing people with dyslexia?  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: It’s Personal

Dyslexia is just about reading and writing isn’t it? Think again!

Ok now stop! Shower Time!

Ok now stop! Shower Time!

Recently I was discussing the personal hygiene of dyslexic children on one of the dyslexia forums. Reading the stories of the struggles mothers were having getting their kids to brush their teeth, brush their hair, take a shower or bath or even making sure they were clean and dry after visiting the toilet got me thinking. I remember the problems my mum had trying to get me to shower or brush my teeth, so I thought that this would be an excellent topic to discuss on the blog. It is something I hadn’t really thought of myself, but I do remember the tantrums and bawling matches with my own mum.  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: “Unrecognised dyslexia is costing the UK economy in excess of £1 billion per year”

There is a good fight going on for better help in schools for kids with dyslexia. I see it everyday on social media both from parents on discussion boards to groups like the American Decoding Dyslexia heroes (yes, that is how I see them, heroes and heroines) pushing for change in schools! It’s fantastic to see and I really hope that in the near future there is far better support for kids in school.

However, the battle to support adults with dyslexia doesn’t seem to be heard as loudly. I know I am going back to cover this topic once again, but I feel that this is an issue that is largely unrecognised. When you say ‘dyslexia’ people instantly assume ‘kids’ and ‘school’ not ‘adults’ and ’employment/unemployment’ or ‘prison’.  Read the rest of this entry

Why One Tweet ‘Made My Life’

Well done, @DyslexiaAndMe. You’re who I hope all my kids become when they grow up. #SpedChat #1in5 #youarearockstar #dyslexiaisnotwhoyouare

I joined #SpedChat at almost 3am GMT as I hadn’t heard of it before and I LOVE Twitter chat’s that discuss anything to do with dyslexia or learning disabilities in general. And this one Tweet just made me so happy.

The reason I started blogging was in hope to inspire people with dyslexia to go back into education, if that was what they wanted to do. I’ve started speaking out a lot more on topics that I feel need to be addressed in regards to dyslexia (such as more support for adults or support in the workplace), but initially I just hoped that another person would stumble on the blog and go ‘if she can do it, so can I’. So this one Tweet just made this blogging journey all worthwhile.

Eh… but don’t worry! I’m gonna keep blogging and pushing the topics I feel need to be addressed to the forefront! I’ll keep joining in Twitter chats giving my 2 pennies worth on various topics that relate to dyslexia!

But honestly, I am so humbled by that. It’s made me glad I started blogging! Thank you so much kind Tweeter for making me smile 🙂

Dyslexia and Me: A Response from a Dyslexic #TimeToTalk

I have just read The Problem with Schools Not Identifying Dyslexia on Dyslexic Advantage Blog and wanted to give my two pennies worth to the topic.

I can only speak from my own experience as I am not an educator or a health care worker. I am also not in the United States, so please read the original article for the full context. What I would like to discuss is the possible implications of not identifying dyslexia in schools.  Read the rest of this entry

A Huge Thanks – #DDChat

Wow! So last night was the first dyslexia chat on the Twitter hashtag #DDChat! I was slightly worried when 8pm came and it all seemed very quiet despite my best attempts at trying to advertise the event on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. These are my usual places for discussing dyslexia related topics and I wasn’t tempted into ‘spamming’ other social media in hope of getting more people involved.  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia Twitter Chat: Thursday 29th January!

The first monthly ‪‎dyslexia‬ related Twitter chat by Dyslexia: Dysassemble takes place next Thursday the 29th January between 8-10pm GMT using ‪#‎DDChat‬.

Please get involved! You can submit any topic you’d like to discuss or question you would like to ask on the Dyslexia: Dysassemble link below.

I hope to see you all there 🙂

Dyslexia: Dysassemble pt. 2

Today I decided it was time to start posting my own content onto Dyslexia: Dysassemble. I am going to use that as the ‘Me’ side of Dyslexia and Me to help to add to the diversity of the other dyslexic contributors on the new blog.

I’ve decided to post up book reviews. Now when I say ‘book reviews’ the first one is only a hundred words or so. It takes a lot for me to read books, but reading a review of a book I am even less so inclined to do. I wanted to do it though to show what I have been reading and what I took from it (if it was an enjoyable read or if I ended up throwing a book across a room in frustration).

I’m also planning on adding photography to the page amongst other bits and pieces. I’m really wanting the blog to be a celebration of variety and differences to show that dyslexia is more than a difficulty and more of an ability.

If you would like to read my first every book review, then go here:

Dyslexia and Me: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

…My organisational skills need a good brush up!

Oh dear, well I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Trying to find time when working a full-time job is proving to be pretty difficult. Especially when looking for a new job, plus starting a new blog and trying to create a new Twitter dyslexia chat…  Read the rest of this entry

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