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Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

My organisational skills are often pretty poor. I’m not very good at being able to divide up work and play into manageable chunks. I think that was quite evident on my blog when I was working full-time. I was unable to keep up with blogging, household chores and any other of the fun and creative things I like to do.  Read the rest of this entry

Eclipse 20th March 2015


After being cheeky about Dara Ó Briain last night (sorry Dara, I really couldn’t resist), I thought I’d end up sleeping through the eclipse OR it would be cloudy. Fortunately for me, I got up and the skies here were blue! Hooray! Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – O is for Optimism

Optimism is something I need to improve on. I can be a real grump at times and often miss the positives in situations. I could make a thousand excuses for this, but instead I will try to talk about something more optimistic today.  Read the rest of this entry

Why One Tweet ‘Made My Life’

Well done, @DyslexiaAndMe. You’re who I hope all my kids become when they grow up. #SpedChat #1in5 #youarearockstar #dyslexiaisnotwhoyouare

I joined #SpedChat at almost 3am GMT as I hadn’t heard of it before and I LOVE Twitter chat’s that discuss anything to do with dyslexia or learning disabilities in general. And this one Tweet just made me so happy.

The reason I started blogging was in hope to inspire people with dyslexia to go back into education, if that was what they wanted to do. I’ve started speaking out a lot more on topics that I feel need to be addressed in regards to dyslexia (such as more support for adults or support in the workplace), but initially I just hoped that another person would stumble on the blog and go ‘if she can do it, so can I’. So this one Tweet just made this blogging journey all worthwhile.

Eh… but don’t worry! I’m gonna keep blogging and pushing the topics I feel need to be addressed to the forefront! I’ll keep joining in Twitter chats giving my 2 pennies worth on various topics that relate to dyslexia!

But honestly, I am so humbled by that. It’s made me glad I started blogging! Thank you so much kind Tweeter for making me smile 🙂

The Music of my Childhood

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

It’s very hard for me to pick one single piece of music that transports me back to my childhood. Music has always been so key for me that I can hear a number of tracks that instantly transport me back to various stages of my childhood.

I can remember sitting in my mum’s laundry basket in front of our fireplace pretending I was rocking back and forth in a boat along to…  Read the rest of this entry

One Year of Blogging: Top 5 Blogs of the Year

Yesterday was Dyslexia and Me’s first blog birthday, so here are the most read blogs of the year!

1. Dyslexia and Me: Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome/Irlen Syndrome Awareness Day?

2. Dyspraxia and Me: Is it funny that I cannot swim?

3. Dyslexia and Me: Doing it for the Grown Ups (and women?)

4. Dyslexia and Me: What you see, What I see

5. Dyslexia Awareness Month: #dyslexicselfie

From Blue Screen to Silver Screen

I remember as a child that I wanted to be on stage in musical theatre. I have always been a big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music/musicals for as long as I can remember. When I was 3 and given a keyboard as a present, the first thing I remember playing was the main theme from The Phantom of the Opera!

  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: 1 Year Old Today!

I didn’t realise that today is exactly one year since my first Dyslexia and Me blog! And boy what a year it’s been! Since I started I have written a dissertation, graduated from university, moved house…

The blog itself has had over 10,000 views which is just… Well I am stunned that so many people have wanted to read my rambles about myself and my experiences with dyslexia. There are 1,005 of you wonderful people following the blog, which is phenomenal! The blog has been nominated for two blog awards. It’s just amazing!

I would like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has taken the time to read the blog, to comment and like the posts, to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I really do appreciate your support and warm feedback.

What I would really appreciate is if you have please sponsor me today on Dyslexia and Me’s first birthday and donate £1 or $1 to the British Dyslexia Association on my JustGiving page. That would really make today a birthday treat and a half!

Thank you folks xxx

Writing a fantasy book?

I’ve always loved writing stories and poetry, but was very put off when I was at school. I was never happy with all the (Sp?) for poor spelling all over my work. I never grasped why my teachers didn’t just assess it on the story itself!

I have been thinking for a while about writing a fantasy book. I have never been a big reader, but I do have a great imagination. I started writing down ideas last year, most ideas coming from weird dreams that I’ve had. I know the basic idea of my story, I know most of the key plot twists and a background on some of the main characters.

Yesterday I decided that I would start putting my ideas down into One Note. I have started writing up the genealogy of the characters, partly based on what I know of my own family tree. I want to make sure that I have as much ‘history’ and background for my story so that the little world I create makes sense to me when I am writing.

As I have no experience in this kind of thing, I don’t know if the detail I am going into before I start writing is excessive or if all writers do the same?

Any advice or tips?

#UKBA15 – UK Blog Awards 2015

UK Blog Awards

Firstly let me thank everyone who nominated Dyslexia and Me for the UK Blog Awards 2015. I feel very chuffed that my blog was in the running for this having been online for less than a year.

Sadly, the blog didn’t make it through to the judging panel. However, there is always next year!

Thanks again for the support with this, I am very humbled I made it that far so soon.

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