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Quick Fire Questions: Has finding out you are dyslexic when at college affected your outlook?

Yes, it has changed my outlook. I always felt like I was stupid or inadequate through school. I couldn’t understand why I struggled so much with my reading and spelling. School were as useful as a chocolate fireguard. They weren’t prepared to have me diagnosed and instead kept saying that I couldn’t be good at everything. I was a bright student. I did well in exams, but I always felt as though I was being looked down on.

When I went back into education I told the college from the start that my previous college (just after I left school) had suggested that I may be dyslexic, but I hadn’t been given a proper assessment. The relief of being told that there was a reason why I had struggled so much through school, that it was because of dyslexia and not because I was ‘stupid’ like I had been told through school by my peers.

My outlook has been far more positive and I went on to achieve my goal of graduating from university by the time I was 30. It’s made me more determined to stand up as a dyslexic person and admit to my struggles as well as to my strengths.

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