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#blogging4charity Challenge

I am trying to raise £1000 this year for the British Dyslexia Association through JustGiving. So far I have raised £0 and now I am about to up my game!

Through March I am going to post one blog per day (oh my goodness) on a variety of topics. Yes, it’s the ‘Me’ part of ‘Dyslexia and Me’ in hope to draw in more readers and hopefully more donations *crosses fingers*

I’m not looking for a large individual donations, even £1/$1 will make a massive difference!

Please support my blogging challenge throughout March and help me get off the ground with my #blogging4charity £1000 target!

Some quick updates!

Hello readers from the land of internet,

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. Just thought I would give you all some quick updates on what’s been going on with the blog and me.  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: Beyond Words

I’ll tell you what, it’s bloody hard work trying to bring people together! It’s beyond words! Read the rest of this entry

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