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#DDChat 26th March 2015 Questions

There have been some brilliant questions put forward for this month’s #DDChat. The Twitter chat will take place tomorrow at 8-10pm GMT (that’s UK time). For those in North America, please double-check the times as we have not had our daylight savings yet (I missed a chat today because I was an hour out).

As always, the chat is all to do with dyslexia and you can get involved using the hashtag #DDChat. The first hour consists of the questions below and the second hour is an open floor to either continue discussion from the questions or to discuss anything dyslexia related.  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – T is for Twitter

I didn’t see the point of it before but I absolutely LOVE Twitter now. I’ve been using it to advertise this blog of mine, but have found out in the last year just how wonderful Twitter is for interacting with people across the world.

It’s great for raising awareness and for finding like-minded people without being swamped with all the personal details and dramas of Facebook. I can Tweet as often as I like without people kicking off which is great because my short-term memory is so bad that if I don’t get something out of my head then I lose it completely.

But my favourite thing about Twitter is… Twitter chats!  Read the rest of this entry

A Huge Thanks – #DDChat

Wow! So last night was the first dyslexia chat on the Twitter hashtag #DDChat! I was slightly worried when 8pm came and it all seemed very quiet despite my best attempts at trying to advertise the event on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. These are my usual places for discussing dyslexia related topics and I wasn’t tempted into ‘spamming’ other social media in hope of getting more people involved.  Read the rest of this entry

Discussion: Is there enough support for adolescents and adults with dyslexia? : Dyslexia

via Is there enough support for adolescents and adults with dyslexia? : Dyslexia.

I recently started a discussion on Reddit (which I am completely new to) discussing support for adults with dyslexia. There have been some very interesting responses, so if you have Reddit and want to join the discussion, please do!

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