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I recently received a message from a reader of the blog saying that they wished there was a ‘donate’ button. I am truly flattered by this and have been putting a lot of thought into that concept.

Money seems to make the world go around. While I’ve been writing the blog, I haven’t once thought about my own personal financial gain from writing about experiences. So, I am now thinking of adding a ‘donate button’ with any funds that people want to give going to various dyslexia groups. As I am terrible with money and know that I have little time to pass money on, I’m considering nominating a dyslexia charity for people to donate money to. I am thinking of changing the charity nominated every quarter so that I am not showing favour to one group or one country (though I will have a look at the different groups myself before I nominate them).

I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea.

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