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Book Review: Colliery Kids (Ebook Edition)

Colliery Kids

by Arthur Williams
Smashwords Edition, 2012
88 pages
Eye reading, 1-2 hours


They say “never judge a book by its cover” but I would like to add to this, “never judge a book by its title”.

I am a big fan of free ebooks! It means that I can check out authors I’ve never read before and find books I’d never heard of before. Colliery Kids was one such free ebook that I thought sounded interesting from its title and from the books’ description.

“Kevin and Robbie two young boys growing up in a small Northumberland mining village as their Mother struggles to make ends meet.” – Goodreads

Coming from a mining background myself, I thought this short book would be an interesting insight into the life of colliery workers’ children growing up in the 1950s in England. However, I was hugely disappointed by the book which had huge potential.  Read the rest of this entry


I had a strange dream yesterday morning which inspired me to start writing a short story. I haven’t written any stories since I was at school, though I have had plenty of ideas for writing books that I am collecting together. This story is completely unrelated to the fictional book that I want to write and which I have mentioned on the blog before.

The title at the moment is ‘Howard’s Gaol’ which is a fictional creation from my dream yesterday morning. I am hoping to have a first draft by the end of the week so I am going to finish this blog, drink my cup of tea and work out what music to listen to that will keep my within my creative state of mind.

The story currently has no real structure to it or an ending. I have my character who is currently very 2D with a name and a little bit of background. I’m just writing to see where the story goes and to see where I need to start improving in my storytelling if I seriously want to start writing fictional books.

I will keep you all posted on my progress. So far I am over 1000 words and have a rough introduction and two draft chapters that I am adding to. I am not giving anything other than the title away for now…

Dyspraxia, Superpowers and the Doorframes that Bite!

I am often called clumsy. I have been my whole life. From accidentally kicking over pint glasses to falling off walls, I’ve always been a little bit accident prone. Or was it really an accident?

On the way to the kitchen at around 9:30pm last night to make a cup of tea, I was attacked once again by the door frame. It bit me and I thought I was going to end up with another bruise this morning, but the pink marks from last night have faded. I sure was glad that this recent attack by the doorframe happened on the way to the kitchen this time and not when I had a hot cup of tea in my hand.  Read the rest of this entry

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