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Dyslexia Advocacy Week 2014: Orlando Bloom on what he did to overcome his dyslexia as a young actor

Orlando Bloom discussing how he overcame dyslexia as a youngster.

Dyslexia Advocacy Week 2014: Steven Spielberg discusses his dyslexia for the first time ever, on 12 September, 2012 – Interview by Quinn Bradlee

Another inspirational interview by Quinn Bradlee, this time with director Steven Spielberg and finding the missing piece of the puzzle, dyslexia.

Dyslexia Advocacy Week 2014: Sir Richard Branson on Dyslexia – Interview by Quinn Bradlee

To continue the theme of inspiration during Dyslexia Advocacy Week 2014, Quinn Bradlee has an excellent interview with Sir Richard Branson about embracing his dyslexia!

Henry Winkler on Dealing With Dyslexia

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