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Re: Remembering Norwich

In June last year, I wrote a blog called Remembering Norwich. I was discussing my memory and how I couldn’t remember a family holiday to visit my aunt and uncle living in Norwich. I hadn’t dared to bring the topic back up again with my family because I had been snapped at by a couple of family members for saying I couldn’t remember being there, which they insisted I was.  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: Remembering Norwich

Something that has stuck with me for years now is the guilt of not remembering Norwich. I feel so bad about it that I haven’t been able to ask questions to this massive black hole in my memory. But even when we visited Norwich in July 2007 there was nothing that struck me as familiar which I would have expected if I had been there before.  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – M is for Memory

When I was 10 I sang this on stage for three nights in a row in a school concert. I wasn’t going to be given the part. I auditioned for so many different parts, but the music teacher didn’t want any of the p6 students to take any of the main parts. Any time there were auditions there was the same girls going forward and rejected because she only wanted p7s to get the parts.  Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: It’s Personal

Dyslexia is just about reading and writing isn’t it? Think again!

Ok now stop! Shower Time!

Ok now stop! Shower Time!

Recently I was discussing the personal hygiene of dyslexic children on one of the dyslexia forums. Reading the stories of the struggles mothers were having getting their kids to brush their teeth, brush their hair, take a shower or bath or even making sure they were clean and dry after visiting the toilet got me thinking. I remember the problems my mum had trying to get me to shower or brush my teeth, so I thought that this would be an excellent topic to discuss on the blog. It is something I hadn’t really thought of myself, but I do remember the tantrums and bawling matches with my own mum.  Read the rest of this entry

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