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Why One Tweet ‘Made My Life’

Well done, @DyslexiaAndMe. You’re who I hope all my kids become when they grow up. #SpedChat #1in5 #youarearockstar #dyslexiaisnotwhoyouare

I joined #SpedChat at almost 3am GMT as I hadn’t heard of it before and I LOVE Twitter chat’s that discuss anything to do with dyslexia or learning disabilities in general. And this one Tweet just made me so happy.

The reason I started blogging was in hope to inspire people with dyslexia to go back into education, if that was what they wanted to do. I’ve started speaking out a lot more on topics that I feel need to be addressed in regards to dyslexia (such as more support for adults or support in the workplace), but initially I just hoped that another person would stumble on the blog and go ‘if she can do it, so can I’. So this one Tweet just made this blogging journey all worthwhile.

Eh… but don’t worry! I’m gonna keep blogging and pushing the topics I feel need to be addressed to the forefront! I’ll keep joining in Twitter chats giving my 2 pennies worth on various topics that relate to dyslexia!

But honestly, I am so humbled by that. It’s made me glad I started blogging! Thank you so much kind Tweeter for making me smile 🙂

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