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Dyslexia: Dysassemble

I have a new dyslexia related blog project in the works and I am looking for enthusiastic dyslexic people to take part! The blog is called Dyslexia: Dysassemble.

Here is a little bit more information for you:

I have met a lot of wonderful people trying to show the world what dyslexia actually is! The positive bits, the bits of struggles, the funny bits and the not so funny bits. We can be found all over the world on various sections of social media pushing for changes to the way dyslexia is perceived.

I thought that creating a blog where all these talents could come together and add at least one blog per month would help to show the world just how diverse a bunch of people we are! Our different talents, the different things we are trying to open people’s eyes to.

If you would like to join the team, then please head to The Communication System and fill in the form with why you would like to join in and what you are hoping to contribute. At this point I would like to add that this does NOT have to be a written format, it could be a piece of art, music, photography etc that shows your own dyslexic positive trait. I know that writing is not a strength for some dyslexic people and I want this blog to play to our strengths!

Under 18s are more than welcome to join the team too, but I would really like a parent to contact me first so we can find the best way to highlight your talents but to also keep you safe! Especially with the team profiles etc.

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