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#blogging4charity – H is for Homework

The word that still strikes horror and resentment in my heart to this day. Memories of homework in high school.

I didn’t like being in school. I was in 5 days a week for hours on end wishing for the weekend. To have homework on top felt like punishment for the teachers inability to teach effectively while we were there. It used to make me feel really frustrated as it wouldn’t just be for the one class and it was expected for the following day a lot of the time. At university, I didn’t feel as annoyed by studying at home. Perhaps because we were given more time and it was for stuff I wanted to learn about. Sometimes I found the workload overbearing when I couldn’t get my assistive technology on my laptop to work converting scanned files so it could be read to me. Even though I was often in 5 days a week, I had far more free time and breathing space and deadlines were given to us in advance.  Read the rest of this entry

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