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Blogging 101: Themes

I am a day behind with Blogging 101, so I will try to get back on track today. Unfortunately for us, the plumbing in our new flat decided to back up on us and we ended up flooding our downstairs neighbour. Not nice! We’re out of the flat and living with family until Monday, otherwise I’d have managed to keep up. Life eh?!

Yesterday’s Blogging 101 assignment was to look at themes for our blogs. I have only just changed mine in the last week or so, perfect timing to remember why I chose this specific theme and why I moved away from my old one! I have stuck with a free blog and free themes because I just do not have the spare cash to pay for the extras. Plus, with my blog being very much a specialised topic, I don’t know if it would really be worth me spending the extra money at the moment.  Read the rest of this entry

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