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#blogging4charity – Y is for York

One of the prettiest cities I have been to is York. Sadly I didn’t take any photos or I would share them here. It’s somewhere I would love to go back to.

I read about York a lot when I was studying Vikings at university. One of the things that had really inspired me to study Vikings was my visit to Jorvik. It’s definitely somewhere that I would recommend visiting if you are in York. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been there before but the beginning section is interesting (for those who have been, you’ll know it’s nothing to be sniffed at).

York is so pretty, but I didn’t even get to the Minster to look at it. I really need to go back and explore more.

Moving forward from Vikings, I have been reading a lot of historical fiction on The War of the Roses and Richard of York. I think I need to do some actual historical reading on the topic as it is a fascinating period in history.

So today the blog is short and rubbish but I had an interview and was travelling today and have two minutes to submit this…

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