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Cumbria Flood Appeal

Howdy folks,

I don’t normally write blogs like this. I have been sat watching the news this evening at the absolute devastation caused by the flooding in Cumbria, England. I know there are other areas of the UK who have been affected by Storm Desmond, but Cumbria have been hit really bad.

I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have your home ruined by flood water. Many of the home owners have no insurance because the premiums are too high after previous flooding in the region. They have said that the last floods they had were record-breaking, but the floods of the last few days appear to have been even worse.

It’s approaching the holiday season where most people think of giving to others either gifts or money to charities. I have already donated what I can afford to the Cumbria Flood Appeal through JustGiving. I would love my readers to consider donating too. I think any spare £1 you might have would go a long way to help those who have been so badly affected.

The link you’ll need is:

Thank you so much for reading.

Facts Are Just as Inspiring and Magical!

Santa Sleigh

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where we are waiting for Santa Claus to come and visit us on Christmas Eve. We’re all making sure we’re behaving because he knows who’s been naughty and nice so got to get all the nice balanced out with the naughty from the whole year. It’s an exciting time of year, especially for the children in our lives! But I’ve been noticing some fibs being circulated on social media that has made me a little bit cross.  Read the rest of this entry

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