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Hey all,

Sorry I’m a little bit behind with blogging at the moment. I just had my last ever exam for my undergraduate degree this week so I’ve been crazy revising and now having a little bit of chill out time with my friends from uni who are all about to leave for here, there and everywhere!

I will be back on track next week!

Until then, here is a photo of where I was today.

Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland

Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland

Dyslexic and Loving Words: A film by Vicky Morris

This documentary is just under an hour-long, but it is well worth watching. I actually ended up crying at the end because there were a lot of things that I didn’t realise were associated with dyslexia that I’ve just put down to being my own personal quirks. It’s so nice to hear about other people’s experiences and just how similar they have been to my own journey.

Dyslexia and Me: Should I feel guilty?

Last week I blogged about my experiences with my dissertation and how much of a struggle I had with eye strain and spelling errors. I briefly mentioned the struggles of other students and the feeling of guilt when mentioning to other students about my personal struggles with it. I decided I would like to expand on education, dyslexia and the feeling of guilt. Read the rest of this entry

My Dyslexic Spectrum

This weeks Spectrum Bloggers Network ‘Topic Tuesday’ is on the theme of ‘spectrum’. I had thought about discussing the visual spectrum, but I think I covered something very similar in Dyslexia and Me: What you see, What I see so instead I thought I would talk about the spectrum of colours and how they link to my dyslexia. Read the rest of this entry

Question of the Month

A slightly more debated topic for this month. It’s been in the news a lot these last few months, so what do you think?

Poll Results: There is enough support for adults with dyslexia

The poll for April has now closed. Thank you to all of those who took part.

The statement posed was:
There is enough support for adults with dyslexia.

The results were as follows: Read the rest of this entry

Dyslexia and Me: The Dissertation Experience

My dissertation is complete! Phew!

My dissertation is complete! Phew!

Hello again! Thanks for rejoining me in my journey with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome. I’ve finally finished my dissertation and have time once again to blog. Hoorah! But boy was it tough!   Read the rest of this entry

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