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#blogging4charity – Final Month

I have been trying to raise money this year for British Dyslexia Association on JustGiving. I started on 28th of February 2015 so I have just over a month to go until I switch to a new charity for 2016.

I set a very high target which I have no way in hell of reaching now. My month of #blogging4charity really didn’t go as well as I had hoped. However, I have raised £186.00 to date and would really love to smash past £200.00.

Over the next month, I am going to try my best to write some blogs to inspire you all to part with £1 or more to help me to reach my new target of £200.00!

You can donate by going to my JustGiving Page here:

Thanks folks for your generosity!

#blogging4charity – The Apollo Mission

For my next #blogging4charity challenge, I will need help from all my readers and followers of Dyslexia and Me! Yes, that means you!

I want to raise as much money this year as I can for the British Dyslexia Association by boldly going on my very own Apollo Mission!!!  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – The Final Piece


A massive thank you to everyone who donated to my #blogging4charity stint! Mike R, Dougie, Nicola, Thomas, Mike A, Jamie and an anonymous donor. You have all helped me to raise £101.00 for the British Dyslexia AssociationRead the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – Z is for Zoo

Dear Zoo

I didn’t like books when I was young unless they were read to me. But there were some exceptions to the rule such as Rod Campbell’s book Dear Zoo. I loved how interactive it was and that I didn’t need to be able to read to enjoy the book.

Other favourites I had as a young child were The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Jolly Postman.

I struggled to think of something beginning with Z at short notice…

Sorry again for the late post and the short blog. I’m visiting family. Will post something more substantial tomorrow….

Please donate 🙂

#blogging4charity – Y is for York

One of the prettiest cities I have been to is York. Sadly I didn’t take any photos or I would share them here. It’s somewhere I would love to go back to.

I read about York a lot when I was studying Vikings at university. One of the things that had really inspired me to study Vikings was my visit to Jorvik. It’s definitely somewhere that I would recommend visiting if you are in York. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been there before but the beginning section is interesting (for those who have been, you’ll know it’s nothing to be sniffed at).

York is so pretty, but I didn’t even get to the Minster to look at it. I really need to go back and explore more.

Moving forward from Vikings, I have been reading a lot of historical fiction on The War of the Roses and Richard of York. I think I need to do some actual historical reading on the topic as it is a fascinating period in history.

So today the blog is short and rubbish but I had an interview and was travelling today and have two minutes to submit this…

Please donate!

#blogging4charity – X is for Xenarthran

As you may have guessed, trying to find another word beginning with X that was different to my last #blogging4charity was always going to be a challenge. And so I have decided to go with Xenarthran!

Xenarthran – an ancient lineage of mammals comprising the armadillos (order Cingulata) and the sloths and anteaters (order Pilosa). The namesake feature shared by all members of Xenarthra is seen in the lower backbone. The lumbar vertebrae are “xenarthrous”; that is, they have extra contacts (joints, or arthroses) that function to strengthen the lower back and hips. This aids use of the forelegs in activities not associated with locomotion, such as digging-the primary method used by anteaters and armadillos to obtain food.

Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – W is for Writing

One thing I would really like to do is to write a book. I have an idea of what I want to write about and I have now began some work on it. It’s a fantasy book that I started writing notes on while I was in my final year at university. I don’t want to give anything away though so I won’t give any plot ideas away.

I have begun working on the foundations and background so that I have a framework to work to. I am currently putting together the genealogies of the main families involved. From there I am making a timeline of their main family events such as birth, deaths and marriages. Once I have all the main families plotted out into a timeline then I plan on working on how to build the story around them.  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – V is for Vocation

Being unemployed has got me to thinking about the different vocations I have aspired to at various points in my life. One of the first dreams I had was to be an astronaut. I remember being fascinated by space and knowing all the planet in the solar system. It’s why I got so excited by the solar eclipse last week. I love watching Stargazing Live and love trying to remember the different constellations I have learnt over the years.  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – U is for University

I think the greatest thing that I’ve ever done is to go back to university. I may have been older than a lot of my friends I made, but I think that it was the perfect timing for me to go back.

Being at university wasn’t just an education in the terms of academia, I learnt a lot about myself too. I learnt how to live with other people (even if it wasn’t always a positive experience), I learnt how to socialise (with and without an alcoholic drinks as I didn’t drink until my final year of university), I learnt how to budget money, I learnt how to cook for myself and I learnt more about who I was as a person.  Read the rest of this entry

#blogging4charity – T is for Twitter

I didn’t see the point of it before but I absolutely LOVE Twitter now. I’ve been using it to advertise this blog of mine, but have found out in the last year just how wonderful Twitter is for interacting with people across the world.

It’s great for raising awareness and for finding like-minded people without being swamped with all the personal details and dramas of Facebook. I can Tweet as often as I like without people kicking off which is great because my short-term memory is so bad that if I don’t get something out of my head then I lose it completely.

But my favourite thing about Twitter is… Twitter chats!  Read the rest of this entry

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