Dyslexia Awareness Month: My Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts

I took a break from blogging yesterday so as not to overload the blog. So today I am back with a few more. I’m going to start with sharing my current top my most read blog posts since I started writing in February 2014. 

1. Dyslexia and Me: Doing it for the Grown Ups (and women?)
“In the last month or so, I have been becoming far more active within the online community trying to raise awareness of dyslexia. It’s something that I was passionate about before I was diagnosed myself. When I was growing up we had a couple of family friends who suffered with dyslexia. Both have gone on to do amazing things, but there was always a struggle in reaching their goals…”

2. Dyslexia and Me: Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome/Irlen Syndrome Awareness Day?
“There are a number of events throughout the year raising awareness for dyslexia. The recent ‘guerilla’ campaign by Decoding Dyslexia to raise awareness through the tag #ShowMe1in5 through social media seems to have been pretty successful (there are still people sharing the links on Twitter a I write this blog). Also Dyslexia Advocacy Week has just passed where I shared a video per day featuring a variety of dyslexic people talking about their experiences and their progression and success. However, I want my blog to cover not only dyslexia, but also Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome aka Irlen Syndrome…”

3. Dyslexia Awareness Month: #dyslexicselfie
“It’s Dyslexia Awareness Month! So let’s get this party started!!! Dyslexia shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing. It’s time to rise above the stigma!
@Hidden_Ability have created a wonderful hashtag for all you lovely dyslexic people and dyslexic supporters to take part in: #dyslexicselfie…”

4. Dyslexia and Me: What you see, What I see
“People often ask me what it’s like visually when I am reading. When you grow up looking through your own eyes, I guess you don’t realise that you’re seeing things so differently until someone asks. The best way I have found to describe my vision is like pixels on a computer or TV screen. Each of the pixels makes up a more solid colour through RGB. When I look at solid colours or shades, I can still see other colours flashing around, though I know it is a white wall or a red book or a pitch black room.”

5. Dyslexia and Me: The adventure begins
“Hello there! Thank you very much for deciding to read my first blog post on Dyslexia and Me!
My name is Áine (Hannah in English) and I am a 29 year old mature student studying an undergraduate degree in History, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Studies. I am a big enthusiast of Viking history, I love music (especially metal) and cats… and I am dyslexic.”

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